Food approval

Jarnes has years of experience in the production of food approved packaging.

In accordance with the Food Administration's requirements for materials in contact with food, Jarnes develops and produces food-approved packaging in cardboard, card and plastic.

We place high demands on materials and the production process when producing food packaging. Therefore, Jarnes is always ready to advise our customers on the use of the right raw materials to ensure that the legal requirements for packaging are always respected.

Jarnes has experience in the production of:

  • Boxes for chocolate
  • Boxes for cakes
  • Boxes for liquorice
  • Boxes for tea
  • Plastic inlay for chocolate
  • Cardboard inserts for chocolate
  • Christmas calendars for chocolate, sweets, tea etc.

Jarnes is visited regularly by representatives of the Food Administration. In these visits, procedures for handling materials and work processes are checked to ensure that products meet food safety requirements.

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