Confecture Copenhagen

With a start-up business dealing in handmade chocolate made from the finest ingredients, quality is key for me. This applies both to the in-store experience and to the packaging, which has to reflect the same quality as my chocolate. I value a close and collaborative relationship with all my suppliers, and Jarnes lives up to all expectations. Rarely do you meet a service and approach to getting the job done like the team at Jarnes. They always wear the 'Yes' hat, and it's rare to meet a 'No' or 'It can't be done'. Of course, there may be challenges, but they always work towards the goal. A real pleasure!

The latest project Jarnes has helped me with involved four different elements; coloured and clear plastic, coloured cardboard and specially coloured Italian paper. A handmade sample of the new packaging was promptly sent to me, a test that was passed on the first attempt - that's what I call excellence in one's profession!

I find that we always have a good and constructive dialogue about size and price, deadlines and production of here-and-now quantities, as well as shipping to the store and warehousing at Jarnes.

The fact that Jarnes is helpful with storage space is also one of the reasons for our good cooperation, because it’s easy to see that storage space in a shop in Christianshavn is small, and there is no room for many pallets of packaging at once.

The reason I chose Jarnes as a supplier was that I wanted to ensure that my packaging is Danish produced and that there is always a focus on using correct and certified raw materials. Could I find the packaging cheaper? Yeah, maybe somewhere out in the world. But I don't think I'll find the service and quality anywhere else, so for me the balance ultimately comes down to making the best use of my time.

I am proud of the strong collaboration between Jarnes and my small chocolate shop. Being able to present our beautiful and carefully crafted chocolate in a packaging of the same quality makes me proud to tell our guests about the shared history between Jarnes and Confecture Copenhagen. I am happy to give my warmest recommendations of Jarnes to anyone else who needs packaging produced.

Patrick Pörtner
Owner and Founder
Confecture Copenhagen