Special production

For our custom packaging solutions, it is unfortunately not possible for us to quote prices until we have, in collaboration with the customer, a final definition of the product in place. Prices depend on the following parameters, among others:

  • Type of packaging
  • Final design - including prints, coatings, window punchings etc.
  • Raw materials
  • Quantity
  • Certifications

Once we have the above factors in place, we will prepare a quote with price and delivery time. It typically takes a few days from when we receive your enquiry until we have a final offer in place. All inquiries regarding custom packaging can be made at 98 28 15 55 or via .

In the video below, Charlotte explains the process of custom packaging and what thoughts and considerations you can keep in mind as a good preparation before starting the dialogue with us.

Standard items

It is always possible to view our wide range of standard products on our webshop via this link. Here, you will find prices based on quantity.