Lid-and-bottom boxes

Our best-selling box type for all industries

The lid and bottom box is a versatile packaging solution as it can be produced in cardboard, wood or plastic and decorated in a myriad of ways. It is also a simple and functional packaging solution, suitable for many types of products in different industries.

There are many design options within the lid-and-bottom box format. The vast majority of lid and bottom boxes produced by Jarnes are made of cardboard and then coated with paper. Several parameters can then be worked on to give the box its distinctive character, including:

  • Paper grades

  • Printing options

  • Locking height

  • How tightly the lid should slide off the box
  • Window in the box

  • Inserts in the box


In addition, our latest machine allows us to produce lid-and-bottom boxes with curved edges, rather than the classic horizontal edges.

Among other things, we have made lid and bottom boxes for:



Under the Inspiration heading, you can see how our boxes are used in different industries.