Star jewellery trays

Finesse and manageability

Present your jewellery beautifully with our exclusive Star jewellery trays. There is extra space between the items, ensuring an extremely clear way to display the jewellery, giving each piece the opportunity to stand out.

As standard, Star jewellery trays consist of a moulded plastic tray covered with black leatherette and fitted with an aluminium handle. An extra thick bottom plate ensures the tray a good stability. The dividing insert is made of velourised vacuum material. The handmade cushions as well as the decorative frame around the magazine drawers are made in a choice of colours in either flocked textile or faux leather.

NOTE: Outer tray and insert sold together. The insert is glued in the outer tray.

Star jewellery trays are produced in 4 different sizes: most have a height of 25 mm depending on the insert.

For each jewellery tray size in the STAR range, we offer different inserts, designed for many purposes. All inserts can be seen in the section below:

Size 1:

326 x 207 mm

M - insert with storage

Size 2:

326 x 265 mm

Size 3:

326 x 335 mm

M - insert with storage

Size 4:

326 x 415 mm

M - insert with storage