N-jewellery trays

Flexible and adjustable

Our N jewellery trays are the flexible solution for jewellers who want trays for your own outer frames. Here you can easily switch out the trays, so a wide range of jewellery can be displayed in your store.

As standard, N jewellery trays are produced without an outer tray but instead have a bottom tray that ensures good stability. The tray is produced in Flair vacuum material, with some watch trays in smooth black vacuum material.

The handmade cushions in the trays come in a choice of colours and are either vacuum-packed in Flair material - or handmade in flocked textile or faux leather.

N jewellery trays are produced in 4 sizes. Most of our N jewellery trays have a height of 15 mm, depending on the insert.

For each jewellery tray size in the N range, we offer different inserts, designed for many purposes. All inserts can be seen in the section below

Size 1:

326 x 207 mm

Size 2:

326 x 265 mm

* Tray insert is only avaliable in 1 mm. black, smooth vacuum material

Size 3:

326 x 335 mm

Size 4:

326 x 415 mm

* Only black, smooth, vacuum tray.