Gern jewellery trays

Handy and useful

The handy little jewellery tray for everyday use. The Gern jewellery trays present your jewellery in an attractive and clear way, with plenty of space between each piece. At the same time, the small size of the jewellery trays makes it easy to present many different pieces of jewellery in the store, but still with a uniform whole in mind.

As standard, the Gern jewellery trays are produced from a moulded plastic tray covered with black artificial leather. A thick base plate is attached to ensure good stability. The divider insert can be made of either textile fabric or smooth or velourised vacuum material. In many of the Gern jewellery trays it is also possible to get divider inserts with space for price tag holes (Relief price tag system). The handmade cushions are made in a choice of colours in either flock textile or faux leather.

NOTE: Outer tray and insert sold together. The insert is glued in the outer tray.

The Gern jewellery trays come in two sizes. Most Gern jewellery trays have an external tray edge height of 25 mm, depending on the insert.

Small: 210 x 210 mm
Large: 420 x 210 mm

For each jewellery tray size in the Gern range we offer different inserts, designed for many purposes. All inserts can be seen in the section below:

Outer tray: 210x210 mm

Rings - engagement rings

* Only in the luxury quality

Ear studs - Ear clips - Collier - Charms

Bangles - bracelets

Set of jewellery

Cufflings - tie clips


* Only in the luxury quality

Outer tray: 420x210 mm



* Only in the luxury quality