VIP tray selection

Jewellery trays created in a clean design with simplicity in the choice of materials and colours.

The trays come in three standard sizes. For each size, we offer various inserts, designed for multiple purposes.

Outer measure:
Size. 13: 310 x 242 mm
Size. 14: 310 x 349 mm
Size. 15: 310 x 458 mm

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The VIP jewellery box with an oak frame - Danish craftsmanship from Jarnes
The VIP jewellery box with an oak frame - Danish craftsmanship from Jarnes

The VIP tray
As a standard, we do the tray in oak or lacquered MDF with an aluminum edge. The insert-dividers are made of vacuum material in a smooth, textured or traditional valorized surface. The insert pillows are cut-outed, molded or handmade and come in a variety of colors of either leather or textile qualities. Not stackable.

Raw look in oak
Raw wood is very popular at the moment and everywhere in the city, you find popular lifestyle stores selling home decorations and accessories made of natural wood. We believe that this trend will expand even further in the next few years - also as a part of the displays in many jeweller shops. Therefore, Jarnes now introduces oak wood as a new framework material of our well-known VIP tray concept.

Velvet has made a comeback

The luxurious material velvet has come back in fashion and is opening many possibilities in store decoration. The velvet gives the trays an exclusive look and complements your jewelry well.

The material comes in many colors including ivory, black and brown.

Available with Strio
We offer the new Strio material to
the pillows in the VIP tray selection.

Strio is a nice soft touch material, which color scheme and patterned, light glossy surface, adds a touch of luxury to your jewellery tray.

In addition to Rose and Sand colorways, we also offer Strio in black, gray or pearl
- Beautiful, classic colors which create a nice contrast to your jewellery.

Comes with a fabric bag
As something new, all Jarnes VIP trays are delivered in a nice fabric bag. The bag provides protection, for example during transport or in the evening when you put the tray in the safe.

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