STAR tray selection

An exclusive display with the STAR jewellery trays

The STAR tray selection is your best option to systemize your disks and your stock. With STAR trays, you will be able to present your products in a very elegant and exclusive way.

Outer measurel:
Size. 1: 326 x 207 mm
Size. 2: 326 x 265 mm
Size. 3: 326 x 335 mm
Size. 4: 326 x 415 mm

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Luxury trays for your jewellery
The design ensures an optimal and modern presentation, which is the best starting point at any good deal. Most pillows in the STAR backing system are handmade. It offers great flexibility in material selection, as well as ensuring a much stronger and more exclusive pillow. All STAR trays of cause enable price tagging (Norma pricing system).

Storage trays - convenient!!
Storage of small earrings, chains and pendants can often be a both difficult and time-consuming affair. Therefore we have made trays with storage compartments so that the product is always at hand in the sales situation.

Elegant look with velvet

The luxurious material velvet has come back in fashion and is opening many possibilities in store decoration. The velvet gives the trays an exclusive look and complements your jewelry well

The material comes in many colors including ivory, black and brown. Combine our popular series of Star trays with ivory or Havana brown and see the difference.

Be playful - choose Strio
We offer the new Strio material to
the pillows in the STAR tray selection.

Strio is a nice soft touch material, which color scheme and patterned, light glossy surface, adds a touch of luxury to your jewellery tray.

In addition to Rose and Sand colorways, we also offer Strio in black, gray or pearl
- Beautiful, classic colors which create a nice contrast to your jewellery.

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