S & K tray selection

Jewellery trays created in a clean design with simplicity in the choice of materials and colors.

The trays come in three standard sizes. For each size, we offer various inserts, designed for multiple purposes. The height of the S trays varies depending on the contents of the tray.

Outer measure:
Size. 13: 284 x 216 mm
Size. 14: 284 x 322 mm
Size. 15: 284 x 434 mm

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The S tray
The tray has an edge covered with artificial leather. The interior, vacuumed compartments consist of either white vacuumed plastic or one of the good Flair or Jartex solutions. The tray's pillows are available in many different colors and qualities. The bottom of the S tray is provided with a pillow that makes the tray stackable. The height at the back edge depends on the contents of the tray and can be done individually if you have any special wishes. The S tray structure gives the tray a nice stability and a long durability.

The K tray
Delivered as an outer tray made of molded black plastic. The interior layout consists of either white vacuumed plastic or vacuumed in one of our beautiful Flair or Jartex solutions. The tray's pillows can be delivered in countless qualities and colors. The K trays are not stackable.

Choose velvet for your S Trays

The luxurious material velvet has come back in fashion and is opening many possibilities in store decoration. The velvet gives the trays an exclusive look and complements your jewelry well

The material comes in many colors including ivory, black and brown.

An exclusive look in STRIO
We offer the new Strio material to
the pillows in the S & K selection.

Strio is a nice soft touch material, which color scheme and patterned, light glossy surface, adds a touch of luxury to your jewellery tray.

In addition to Rose and Sand colorways, we also offer Strio in black, gray or pearl
- Beautiful, classic colors which create a nice contrast to your jewellery.

Storage trays
Storage of small earrings, chains and pendants can often be a both difficult and time-consuming affair. Therefore the VIP and S & K systems have trays with storage for the most common sales items. The storage in the storage tray is made of injection molded plastic and is therefore very durable. The storage can be used again and again without being worn and damaged. The biggest advantage of the storage trays is the fact that the stock is present with the presented product. The storage trays are therefore very practical and time-saving.

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