N tray selection

Systematize your stock with the N selection of jewellery trays

With the N trays, you can show your goods in a beautiful and presentable way.

Outer measure:
Size. 1: 326 x 207 mm
Size. 2: 326 x 265 mm
Size. 3: 326 x 335 mm
Size. 4: 326 x 415 mm

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A flexible system

The N-tray is a vacuumed tray of Flair or Jartex quality with a base tray in black PS material.

Pillows and inserts are vacuumed, handmade or punched.

Room for price tagging
All trays in the N selection allows price tagging with Norma pricing system.

Available with STRIO
We offer the new Strio material to
the pillows in the CERN tray selection.

Strio is a nice soft touch material, which color scheme and patterned, light glossy surface, adds a touch of luxury to your jewellery tray.

In addition to Rose and Sand colorways, we also offer Strio in black, gray or pearl
- Beautiful, classic colors which create a nice contrast to your jewellery.

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