JARMIX tray selection

Exclusive handmade collection and display trays with JARMIX

Jarmix is an exclusive handmade tray, which focuses on finish and design, functionality and practical storage. Great trays at very reasonable prices.

Outer measure:
Size. 1: 237 x 237 mm
Size. 2: 237 x 474 mm
Available in 6 different heights: 18, 23, 28, 35, 48 og 78 mm.

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An absolutely elegant and complete display tray
Exterior wooden frame and wooden base. The frame is covered with artificial leather.

On the inside, the tray is handmade with coated compartments and great handmade pillows / inserts..

Jarmix is stackable.

Remember to select height when ordering.

Available with STRIO
We offer the new Strio material to
the pillows in the JARMIX tray selection.

Strio is a nice soft touch material, which color scheme and patterned, light glossy surface, adds a touch of luxury to your jewellery tray.

In addition to Rose and Sand colorways, we also offer Strio in black, gray or pearl
- Beautiful, classic colors which create a nice contrast to your jewellery.

CLICK HERE for an overview of all the internal options to arrange your jewellery in the JARMIX tray selection

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