The estate agent box - gift box for real estate agents

Want to make the sale today? - your ability to make a difference is of most importance

As customers, we have become critical consumers. Therefore, good and serious customer care is the best prerequisite for your business future.

As customers, we like to be "spoiled" - to receive something out of the ordinarily.

In every way, it gives a positive experience, which eventually may lead to sales, and as important, positive reviews and recommendations.

We can help you make the sales experience even stronger.

Deliver your offers, the sales or purchase documents in a nice way - in one beautiful box that contains all important documents.

A great way to make a difference!

The costumers won't throw the box away, it will last for a long time.

By doing so, your company is not just a page on facebook, an ad in the newspaper, or a sales pitch in a plastic manila folder. You do something extra and you make the sales experience far more intensive and serious.

  • The box fits A4.
  • Available in black or white cardboard.
  • Your logo can be printed in gold, silver or black.


Contact us by calling us on phone: +45 9828 1555 or use the contact form at the bottom of this page.


Price per box without print

50 pcs 63.57
100 pcs 50.00
200 pcs 39.05

Minimum buy 50 pcs.


Printing price

Print start

at 350.00
Print at 10.00
Block printing  By bill* 

* The block printing price varies depending on the size of your logo.

The box meassues:
Length 329 mm
Width 240 mm
Height 40 mm