Folding boxes

Simple and budget-friendly box solution

Our Clamshell box can be described as a "luxury folding box", in that the box is made from one piece of cardboard, with the lid and base fitted together to act as a closing mechanism. Unlike ordinary folding boxes, the clamshell box is produced in a thicker cardboard, while the sides of the box are raised in the machine, giving the clamshell box a much higher degree of stability and giving the box the appearance of a luxurious folding container.

The clamshell box can be produced with or without a window, which can help to make the box even more exclusive and at the same time highlight the product. In addition, there are exciting decoration and printing options, as on our other cardboard boxes.

We have produced clamshell models for:


Under the Inspiration heading, you can see how our boxes are used in different industries.