Christmas calendars

Create your own unique Christmas/Advent calendar with solutions from Jarnes

At Jarnes, we go to great lengths to develop Christmas and advent calendar solutions for a wide range of customers. Over the years, we have developed several different types of Christmas calendars, so there is something for every style and in different price ranges. Common to all our Christmas calendar models is that they can be designed in a myriad of ways. In this way, all Christmas calendars are custom-designed to meet your specific requirements. In general, the price of all our Christmas calendars depends on the final design and the total number of pieces. Of course, we also produce customized inserts to place inside the Christmas calendar.

You are always welcome to contact us for a non-binding discussion about a solution that suits your needs and wishes. The sales team in Jarnes is available by phone 98 28 15 55 or by email .

Among other things, we have produced:

  • Christmas calendars for chocolate
  • Christmas calendars for sweets and candies
  • Christmas calendars for tea
  • Christmas calendars for cosmetics
  • Christmas calendars for make-up
  • Christmas calendars for toys
  • Christmas calendars for consumables

Below, you can read more about our selection of different Christmas calendar models. See a selection of Christmas calendars we have produced and how they are used in different industries under the inspiration heading.

Push advent calendar

The Push calendar is our clever calendar model, which incorporates a delightful degree of unboxing into its design. Here, each item is easily and elegantly pushed with a finger on the back of the calendar, and out pops today's gift, after which the next gift appears in the opening.

The calendar consists of a hardbox cover, which forms the outer part. Inside, small boxes are placed, which contain today's gift with surprises.

All push advent calendars are custom-made from scratch, so you have influence over the format, size, and final design.

The calendar can be produced as both a Christmas and an advent calendar. It is possible to decorate the push advent calendar with everything within offset and Pantone colors, as well as foil printing, partial lacquering, and lamination.

Under the "Inspiration" category, several solutions of our push calendar are shown.

Book Christmas Calendar

Our “Book” Christmas calendar is our best-selling Christmas calendar model, as it presents itself beautifully to the consumer while offering many options for decoration. The Book Christmas Calendar is produced with a hard cover, with a fixed inside calendar with matching insert.

All book-style Christmas calendars are custom-made from scratch, so the dimensions of the calendar, the location of the boxes, and the design and graphics are defined by the customer. It is possible to decorate the book Christmas calendar with all offset and pantone colours, as well as foil printing, partial lacquering and lamination.

Drawer Christmas Calendar

Our drawer-style Christmas calendar is an exclusive and versatile solution that can be used in many industries. All the drawer inserts can be made as general drawers that pull out, but they can also be made as small boxes which hold a real little gift for every day of Christmas. Each drawer or box is covered with paper. The dimensions of the drawer or box depend on the products the Christmas calendar will contain. All drawer-style Christmas calendars are custom-made to your wishes for appearance, dimensions and design. Under the Inspiration category you can see several different models of the Christmas calendar drawer. It is possible to decorate the Christmas calendar drawer with all offset and pantone colours, as well as foil printing, partial lacquering and lamination.

Advent calendar

Our latest Christmas calendar model is most often used as an advent calendar, but the model can be designed in many ways. This Christmas calendar model is built from a square frame with drawer inserts attached to the back. It's possible to punch a myriad of shapes into the frame, so the calendar can be shaped like a Christmas tree, a snowman or something else entirely. The drawers can also be adapted to the products the calendar will contain. Our advent calendar can be decorated in many ways with all offset and pantone colours, as well as foil printing, partial lacquering and lamination.

Clamshell Christmas Calendar

Our clamshell Christmas calendar is a small and smart Christmas calendar model. It is also produced as our most budget-friendly Christmas calendar solution. The clamshell Christmas calendar opens like a book, with 2 cardboard inserts with matching inserts. The clamshell Christmas calendar does not have a hard cover fitted, as on the Book Christmas Calendar, but is, instead, covered with a heavy paper.

The clamshell Christmas calendar can be produced as a custom-made solution, where you decide on the dimensions, lid placement and final graphics. In addition, we also offer a standard model, so you don't have to pay for the punching tools. The standard model includes 2 inner cardboard inserts, each with 12 pre-positioned doors, and 2 glass-clear inserts with compartments adapted to the doors. Additional design services are possible in the form of foil printing, partial lacquering and lamination.