Boxes made of wood

Jarnes produces exclusive packaging in wood and MDF on a daily basis, made by our skilled carpenters in the factory's own carpentry workshop.

Wooden boxes are often chosen as a packaging solution when the design requires special durability and an exceptionally attractive presentation. We are able to produce wooden boxes from different types of wood. The type of wood is often determined by the trend and the desired surface, as well as other ideas behind the look of the packaging. Boxes made of MDF are lacquered or covered with paper afterwards.

In addition to wooden boxes, we also make many of our other products in wood and MDF, such as our jewellery trays and jewellery displays.

Many of our box solutions can be produced in tree, including:

Among other things, we have made boxes made of wood for:

Under the Inspiration heading, you can see how our boxes made of wood are used in different industries.