Boxes made of plastic

For more than 40 years, Jarnes has produced boxes in using plastic materials

All plastic boxes are injection moulded on our large machines and then sent for finishing and printing on our other smaller machine stations in the factory. Most plastic boxes have the hinge function as an integral part of the moulding, but plastic boxes can also be produced as lid and base boxes. In every production of plastic boxes, we always aim for a high use of recycled plastics - as far as possible.

Plastic boxes are often considered a budget-friendly solution when producing larger quantities. Plastic boxes have the additional advantage that the material is not sensitive to fluctuations in temperature and humidity, because plastic is not an organic material. Therefore, it often makes sense to choose plastic boxes for products that will be stored for many years at the consumer's premises.

Plastic material can be used for many box solutions, including:


Among other things, we have boxes made of plastic for::


Under the Inspiration heading, you can see how our boxes are used in different industries.