Boxes for cosmetics

Lovely products deserve beautiful and exclusive packaging.

At Jarnes, we specialize in advising, designing, and producing hardbox boxes for various products within the cosmetic industry. Our boxes are often used as gift boxes or for presenting exclusive products. This places high demands on the quality and craftsmanship involved. We can also tailor and produce packaging solutions to fit your exact needs.

In short, with cosmetic boxes from Jarnes:

  • Individual and tailored design
  • Many design options (Check under WE OFFER)
  • Possibility for inserts in different qualities for product fixation
  • Danish produced
  • Sustainability and certifications in focus
  • Prices typically from 1,000 pieces and up
  • 62 years of experience in packaging solutions

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In the following inspiration gallery, you will find a selection of cosmetic boxes produced by Jarnes. All designs are unique and custom-made according to specific customer wishes. Each customer owns the rights to their designs. However, it is always allowed to draw inspiration.