Jarnes through the years – it all started with a jewellery box

When jeweller Magda Clausen in Hjallerup could not get the essential number of cases for the jewellery and jewelry boxes for the Christmas shopping in 1961, the jewellers son Palle Jarne Clausen decided to start producing cases and boxes for jewellery. And this is how the story about Janes A/S started…

Today the production is placed at Håndværkervej in Hjallerup
Jarnes Etui- & Æskefabrik started in the basement under the mothers jewellery store. Soon they outgrew the space and a new building was constructed in Nørregade. Later the business was expanded to an old school and after several other buildings. The production and administration is placed in a 8.000 sqm. wide building.

Both standard and customized production
In the beginning the cases were produced in carboard and wood, but soon injection molded plastic became along. The core business was originally a storage based standard collection, but as it soon showed, the demand for customized display, cases and boxes for other producers, was just as big. By anchoring the business around quality, flexibility and dynamics, the customized production today counts for just as much as the standard goods.

The second generation is taking over
Jarnes Etui- & Æskefabrik completed a generation shift in 2002 and the same year the name was changed to Jarnes A/S. The company I today owned by the children Gitte Clausen Bruun and Morten Jarne Clausen. With a master in economics and former experience in the advertising industry, Gitte is responsible for operations, product development, sales and marketing. As a civil engineer specialized in production management, Morten is responsible for operations, purchase, development and production.

Jarnes today
the companies range of customers is as wide as never before. The range of customers has been heavily expanded with production for new industries. Solutions for products are being produced within following industries:

  • Experiences
  • Cosmetics
  • Chocolate
  • High-end technology
  • Jewellery
  • Cutlery
  • Gifts
  • Glasses
  • Music

and much more...

Jarnes are committed to developing their own flexible high-end technological systems of productions. Continuously investment in new equipment are made, which ensures the effectiveness of large orders at competitive conditions. Further, we focus on a personal, creative and solution-oriented effort to our customers, in all levels of the company.

We strive for a diverse, dynamic and future-oriented company. We now this means us being in constant movement and are open to ideas and moving limits both mentally and practically.